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Public Attractions

It's easy to let the sun and sea lull you into the feeling that you never want to budge from the beach. But Samui is an island of great natural beauty and variety. Even those who don't get excited about sightseeing will find that the journeys to these popular attractions will provide their own delights. You may rent a motorbike or a jeep to see arouns or make the trip around the island tour half day

Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai ) วัดพระใหญ่

Located on the northern coast of Koh Samui in the small island name "Koh Faan", this 17-meters-tall statue is a popular shrine and meditation center. the guady bazaar within the temple grounds offers souvenirs - everything from T-shirts and hats to protective amulets.

Originally, Koh Faan was surrounded by the sea water and had the sand dune joining with Koh Samui. when the low-tide, people can walk to the temple but for the hide-tide they had to take the boat to the temple. And later the road was built to join between Koh Samui and Koh Faan.

In 1972, Prakru Santi Nontakhun, the abbot started to build the Big Buddha statue, the style of Buddha is "Subduing Mara Style" and finished in the year 1974. The name of the Big Buddha is "Pra Bhudda Kodom" but Samui people always call "Pra Yai Koh Faan" (Big Buddha Koh Faan)

The majority of the population consider themselves Buddhists. While the devoutness of their practice varies just as it does with religious peoples throughout the world, the temple remains a cultural focal point for every village. Many of the more high profile Wats in the country have become tourist attractions, but remarkably, the presence of foreign visitors does not seem to distract or disturb those residents who come to pray. On Samui, two Wats are home to the displayed bodies of monks who were mummified some 20 years ago.

Some residents go to the local temple regularly to pay their respects to the Buddha, others go at times of misfortune or when they are visited by doubt and uncertainty. But all Buddhists go sometimes. As everywhere in Thailand, Samui's temples range from the simple to the grand, and the latter attract many thousands of tourists each year.

If you visit a temple, please dress appropriately and be sure you remove your shoes before entering into the building. When sitting or kneeling, be careful not to point your foot directly at the Buddha or worshipers.

Most of the free tourist maps available widely, indicate the locations of Samui's many Wats


Plai Laem Temple

Plai Laem Temple (Wat Plai Laem) วัดปลายแหลม

Located nearby the Big Buddha temple about 300 meters distance. Inside the temple you will see the big Statute of Guan -Im. The name is 1000 hands Guan-Im. Another corner you will see the chapel of this temple that built in the pond, inside the chapel you can see the main Buddha Image and the picture on the wall about the story of The Buddha. The next corner you will see the stature of Pra Sang Kajjayana or the Happiness Buddha and you can feed the fish in the pond too. Just donate 10 Baht per one bag of the food.

Lad Koh View Point
Lad Koh View Point (Jood Chom View Lad Koh) จุดชมวิวลาดเกาะ

Located in the middle between Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach. Here you can see the big platform of the view point that you can go down to take the picture of Chaweng Beach. If you are here, you will see all of Chaweng Beach from the noth to the south. Now the platform is buit bigger and wider than before and always be the stopping spot for around the island excursion.
Grandfather & Grandmother Rock
Grandfather & Grandmother Rock (Hin Ta Hin Yai) หินตาหินยาย

Located south of Lamai Beach. Here you can see the rock formation look like man genitalia called Grandfather Rock or Hin Ta in Thai language and woman genitalia called Grandmother Rock or Hin Yai in Thai language. Both of these rock are located in seperate corner but in the same area. it is really the symbol of Koh Samui. From the main road you have to find the sign " Hin Ta Hin Yai" and drive inside about 100 meters from the main road, then you will see the car parking (20 Baht for car parking and 10 Baht for motorbike parking) Along the way walking to the rocks, you will see many souvenir shops and the local sweet name "Kalamae" (made from sticky rice flour and brown sugar, the green one mixed with the pandanut leaf.)

Hua Thanon Village

Hua Thanon Village (Baan Hua Thanon) บ้านหัวถนน

Located in the souteasthern of Koh Samui. Here we can see the village of the original society of the people here. People are living together with Buddhist and Muslim people. So you can see here the community of Chinese race people you can see the Chinese Shrine on the main road with the local old-style houses. On the beach you can see many fisherman boats. Behind it you will see the mosque. You can see the local market here and see the people making the dry fish after they catched in the village too.

Luang Por Daeng

Lung Por Daeng at Kunaram Temple หลวงพ่อแดงวัดคุณาราม

The temple is located on the main road, about 2 kms from Hua Thanon Village. In the temple you can see the body of the Buddhist Monk name "Luang Por Daeng Piyasilo" or "Phra Kru Samatha Kittikhun" , the famouse monk who behaved the deeply maditation and foreseeing the day of his death and he wrote the letter to the disciples to keep his body for teaching the next generation of people about the unstableness of human body.

He died in 1973, but his body is not decay but natuarlly dry up. In 2001, there were 2 professors from an American University came here and used the endoscope to check his body and they found that his body is look like the mummified but without any chemical to preserve his body. That is really strange and holy person.

Namuang Waterfall Number  1

Namuang Waterfall Number 1 น้ำตกหน้าเมือง ๑

The waterfall is about 18 meters high. Water flows down from the cliff all around the year and never be dry. From the main road you can find the entrance to Namuang Waterfall and go inside the way about 1.5 Km. Then you will see the parking area at the front of the waterfall ( Car is 20 Baht and motorbike is 10 Baht for parking)

Water here always make you fresh in a very hot day time. You will always see some local people come to swim and have a small picnic here. You may take an elephant trekking trip to come here.

Namuang Waterfall Number 2

Namuang Waterfall Number 2 น้ำตกหน้าเมือง ๒

Lacated in the same area of Namuang No.1 but more walking up from the parking area. You have to park the car or motorbike at Namuang Safari Park Zoo (No charge for parking) and walk to the waterfall about 20 minutes. The waterfall has 2 levels, at the top we can not swim, just taking picture because no place for swimming, and the level below is the swimming area we can swim there.

The water from Namunag 2 will flow down to Namuang 1 And after you swim at the waterfall, you may see the animal shows at Namunag Safari Park zoo.

Nathon Town

Nathon Town บ้านหน้าทอน

์Nathon Town look like Chaweng and Lamai center but no night life there. During the day time you can do some shopping see the local fruit market, see the pier of the ferry that sending passengers and the cars between Koh Samui and the main land at Don Sak Pier , Suratthani Province.

You can buy some local produts souvenir here too.

Hin Lad Waterfall
Hinlad Waterfall น้ำตกหินลาด

Hikers will relish the two kilometer walk through the forest to reach this spot, where the falls with their lovely natural bathing pool awaits them.

Located two kilometers south of Nathorn, on the eastern end of route 4172. Most of local people will go for picnic here, especially on weekend. Near the waterfall you will see Hinlad Temple which is surrounded by the shade of many big trees inside the temple.

Lad Wanon Waterfall

Lad Wanon Waterfall น้ำตกลาดวานร

Can be reached by the crossroad between the main road (no.4169 and the road going to Raja Ferry pier (No.4174) From Nathon you have to turn let to the concrete road at this crossroad and continue along the way about 1 km then the road will be the dirt road about 200 meters more you will find this waterfall. But not really much tourists go to thus waterfall because not a good place for swimming just the water falling down from the cliff.
Magic Garden

Magic Garden or Ta Nim Waterfall เมจิกการ์เดน หรือ น้ำตกตานิ่ม

High in the hills that rise from the forested interior of the island, lies an art gallery extraordinary in many ways. The inspiration and creation of Nim Thongsuk, this son of 4 generations of Samuians decided at the age of 77, to create a little piece of heaven on earth in the hope that many of the increasing number tourists would appreciate not only his vision, but the extraordinary beauty of the island's hilltop forests.

Khun Nim spent his life in agricultural innovation, during which he was a pioneer in durian farming techniques that are now credited for some superb crops of this delectable fruit, still grown and exported by island farmers.

With the help of assistants, he sculpted dozens of figures inspired by Buddhist scriptures, in the mountaintop river bed on land belonging to his family. He remained absorbed in the project until his recent death at the age of 91. A spot far too little visited, Heaven's Garden is on some of the island's guided mountain tours.

Some of the creations are immediately apparent, others are either so small or so immense, you might miss them as you concentrate on keeping your footing. So be prepared to take your time. If you go by yourself, you have to find the entrance opposte Kunaram Temple (Luang POr Daeng Temple) and the road are mixing with concrete at beginning and the dirt road after. The entrance fee is now 60 Baht per person. It is more comfortable to go there by making a jeep safari trip

Buddha Footprint

Buddha Footprint at Wat Khao Lae รอยพระพุทธบาทวัดเขาเล่

As there is no sign posted, finding this attraction will be part of the adventure. Take Road number 4170 and 2 km west of the turn off for the Butterfly Garden, go up the concrete slope on the left. Housed in a hilltop shrine, four footprints have been engraved one atop another. There are 163 steps to climb in all, but the view up there of the surrounding treetops and valleys will be worth it. Not exactly evidence to know was built in which year.

Buddha Secret Hall at Wat Samret

Secret Hall of Buddhas at Wat Samret (Coral Buddha) พระพุทธรูปหินปะการัง ในอุโำบสถวัดสำเร็ด

Located west of Hua Thanon off the 4169 ring road, Wat Samret is 200 meters down the second concrete road on the left.
Wat Sumret is very old temple housing an ancient white marble Buddha believed to be hundreds of years old. Also inside is a valuable collection of Buddha images you can take the pictures outside the chapel by the slots (windows) of the wall of the chapel.


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