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We offer you all excursions cheaper than the tour operater walk-in price. Sightseeing tours in Koh Samui or sightseeing & snorkeling trip to another islands nearby such as Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Angthong National Marine Park, Koh Taen (Coral Island) You can book the trip in our web site and you will get the booking confirmation by e-mail or Fax and you can pay on the day of each excursion. If you are not in Koh Samui yet, you will get the confirmation by e-mail and do not worry about your room number in the booking form, just put "N/A" or "-" on it, then we will check with your hotel later what is your room number when you come to Koh Samui. For urgent booking or last minute booking, please call us to the mobile phone number 0905892269 ( International call +66905892269) WhatsApp : +66 90 589 2269

All of the tours you book, you don't have to pay when you book, but just pay on the tour date and all of the tour it is better to pay in cash in Thai Baht (Only some tour can pay by credit card, you can see in the detail of each tour.) And if you stay in the town, Chaweng , Lamai, Bophut (Fisherman Village), you always can find the money exchange office everywhere and they will open everdays until from 09:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. even Saturday or Sunday.

Half Day Around Koh Samui by Private Car
Luxury and comfort car which provide best vision of island sightseeing. Take you to see the places in the common tour route, but you can ask the driver to visit the unusual places to experience Samui life dated back to the "Before Tourist Time". Vistit the
View point, Villages, Temples, Market and People. Sightseeing in the private comfort. Make your day more than,"Round Quick Look".
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1000 Baht P/P (Minimum 2 people)
Exclusive Safari Tour Koh Samui by Namuang Safari Park

Exclusive Safri Tour by Namuang Safari Park A half day tour that will take you to do elephant trekking about 15-20 minutes, small trekking and swim at Namuang Waterfall No.2, See baby elphant bathing show in the small swimming pool, big elephant performance, monkey at work collecting coconuts, crocodile show, have Thai style buffet lunch and transfer back to your hotel. Trip has 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 1400 Baht P/P
Vision Grand and Jungle Route 360
Vision Grand & Jungle Route 360° Restaurant
The trips to visit The Jungle Route 360° REstaurant the beautiful panorama view above Samui hight mountain. There are 3 programs to choose. VS.01 Koh Samui Explore (Full Day Tour) VS.02 Koh Samui, The Unknown Charm (Half Day Tour) and VS.03 Samui Unique Local Experience (Full Day , No animal activities related in the trip, operated on Monday Wednesday and Friday)
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1750 / 1500 / 1890 Baht P/P
Half Day snorkeling Sightseeing Dolphin Tour

Half Day Snorkeling & Sightseeing Dolphin Trip by Speedboat

Half Day trip to find dolphins in Khanom Bay area nearly the Mainland then come back to do snorkling at Koh Taen (Coral Island) and relax on the beach of Koh Madsoom. Then have lunch at T.K.Tour and Transfer you back to the hotel.

Every Tue, Thu, Sat : Tour Price 1900 Baht P/P

Angthong Marine Park Sightseeing by Tour Boat
Discover Angthong Marine Park by Tour Boat, just 1 ½ Hour takes from Koh Samui. The trip will start with the green lagoon on the mountain at Mae Koh Island, then come back to have lunch on the boat and slowly cruise to Wua Ta Lab Island where we can see the view point or just relax on the beach here. The kayaking activity is the optional activity.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 1400 / 1700 Baht P/P
Angthong Marine National Park Speed Boat
Angthong Marine Park Snorkeling/ Kayaking by Speed Boat (By Grand Sea)
A wonderful day with speed boat cruise across the most beautiful archipelago in the “ Gulf of Thailand”. Snorkeling at Koh Wow, Visit the Green Lagoon at Mae Koh Islans then go to Wua Ta Lab Island to have a buffet lunch and relax on the beach or mountain trekking to see the view or wild monkeys. Kayaking is optional activity.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 2200 / 2400 Baht P/P
Angthong Marine National Park Blue Stars Kayaking
Angthong Marine Park by Blue Stars Kayaking
The Blue Stars Tour boat takes 1 ½ hour to the Marine Park. Start your first kayaking on the southern end of Mae Koh Island and visit the Green Lagoon. Kayaking back to the boat to have lunch. Then go to Tai Plao Island, the tour guide will lead you by kayaking through tunnels, into mysterious caves and along bizarre rock formations. After 2nd kayaking, snorkeling at Tai Plao Island.
Every Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat : Tour Price 2500 Baht P/P
Angthong National Marine Park Snorkeling and Kayaking Trip by In Sea Speedboat Full Day Tour
Angthong Marine Park In Sea Speedboat
A trip by In Sea speedboat take you to do snorkeling at Wow Island, Slowly Cruise pass many island for sightseeing, stop at Mae Koh Island to see the Green Lagoon or Emerald Lake then go to Paluay Island in the southern part of Angthong Marine Park to have lunch in the local restaurant. Then take you to another side of Koh Paluay for Kayaking and relaxing on the quiet beautiful beach.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 2100 + 300 Baht Marine Park Fee P/P
Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan Snorkeling by Speed Boat
Koh Tao & Koh Nangyuan by Speed Boat
The speed boat takes 1 ½ hour to Mango Bay, north of Koh Tao, the most scenic dive and snorkeling site in the Gulf of Thailand. Then go to have lunch at Sai Ree Beach Restaurant in Koh Tao and after lunch is the snorkeling time again at Koh Nangyuan, the three small islands with three connected beaches, the stretch of clean white sand and many fish around you. Hiking up the mountain to see the view.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 2100 Baht P/P
Super Coll Program (No animals in trip)
Super Cool Program 4 x 4 by Namuang Safari Park Full Day Tour without animals activities on the trip. Visit many places in Koh Samui such as, Grand Mountain Sea View Pool, Teepangkorn Temple on the mountain with panorama view, Red Temple, Guan Yu Shrine, and also visit popular attraction places of Koh Samui such as the Grandfather & Grandmother Rock, Namuang No.2 waterfall, and do ATV riding for 20 minutes.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1600 Baht P/P
Major Safari Tour Program B (No Animal)
Major Safari Tour Program B (No Animal Trip)
4x4 Jeep Full Day Tour visit important places in Koh Samui and beautifule places in the mountain of Koh Samui. This trip has no animal activies. Visit Big Buddha Temple, Plai Laem Temple, Grandfather & Grandmother Rock, Guan Yu Shrine, Namuang Waterfall No1 for swimming, Magic Garden, Have Lunch, Wat Prateepangkorn to see panorama view of Lamai area. Then take you back to the hotel.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1500 Baht P/P
Koh Phangan Discovery Tour by Car & Speed Boat
Koh Phangan Discovery by Car & Speed Boat
Discovery Koh Phangan to see the authentic life of the people. Pick you up to the pier, then go to Koh Phangan by speed boat. Start the tour by local bus. Take you to Chinese Temple, Fisherman village, Snorkeling Koh Mah, Have lunch at Mae Haad Restaurant, Visit Khao Tham Temple to see the view point of Koh Phangan, Relax at Haad Rin (Full Moon Party Beach) before come back to Samui.
Every Mon, Wed, Fri : Tour Price 2100 Baht P/P
Namuang Jungle Trip Samui Adventure
Namuang Jungle Trip ; Samui Adventure
A half day trip with elephant trekking 1/2 Hr at Waterfall No.1 Visit Sila Ngu Temple, Samui Aquarium to see many tanks of many under water animals, and see the show of birds and tigers. Also take you to see Grandfather & Grandmother Rock and the monkey collecting coconuts show. Have lunch at the local restaurant and tren transfer you back to the hotel.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1650 Baht P/P
Namuang Jungle Trip Mini Adventure
Namuang Jungle Trip ; Mini Adventure Tour

A short trip just 3 Hours, Elephant trekking for 1/2 Hr, visit waterfall No.1 then visit the mummified Monk name Luang Pho Daeng at Kunaram Temple, See monkey at working of coconut collecting, Sila Ngu Temple before head back to the hotel. The trip has 2 times a day : morning and afternoon trip.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 950 Baht P/P
Namuang Jungle Trip ATV Adventure
Namuang Jungle Trip ; ATV Adventure
Explore Koh Samui Mountain by ATV Quad Bike, Start from the circuit then go up the mountain, passing the rubber plantation area, fruit orchards, and reach to the top of Samui Mountain and have lunch in the restaurant on the mountain Come back to the circuit again and transfer you back to the hotel. The trip has 2 times a day.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 2500 / 3000 Baht P/P
Namuang Jungle Trip Elephant Trekking
Namuang Jungle Trip ; Elephant Trekking
1/2 Hr or 1 Hr
Just do the elephant trekking at Namuang Waterfall Number1 Trekking from the camp through the rubber plantation, cross the stream of the waterfall. Taking picture with the waterfall & trekking back to the camp. After elephant trekking, just relack or swimming at the waterfall. Trip has 3 times a day.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 700 / 1200 Baht P/P
ATV Extreme Packages Namuang Safari Park Samui

ATV Extreme Packages Namuang Safari Park
There are 4 options of ATV packages to choose
Extreme1 : ATV Ride for 20 minutes
Extreme2 : Kayaking + ATV 20 minutes
Extreme3 : ATV+Elephant Trekking+Waterfall No.2
Extreme 4 : ATV+Elephant Trekking+Namuang Waterfall No.2
The trip has 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 800/1400/1500/1850 Baht P/P
Relax Packages by Namaung Safari Park Koh Samui
Relax Packages by Namuang Safari Park
There are 4 options of Relax Package to choose
Relax1 : Elephant Trekking for 30 minutes
Relax2 : Elephant Trekking for 30 mins+ Waterfall 2

Relax3 : Elephant Trekking for 45 mins+ Waterfall 2
Relax4 : Unique Animal Show (Baby elephant bathing / Elephant show/ Monkey show / Crocodile show) The trip has 2 times a day, morning and afternoon.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 700/900/1100/750 Baht P/P
Koh Taen Coral Island Snorkeling
Koh Taen (Coral Island) Snorkeling
A snorkeling trip by the long tail boat at Koh Taen (The Coral Island), Just 20 minutes from the pier to the snorkeling site. Program offers snorkeling sites that accommodate your level of experience - from waist deep water to coral reefs around Koh Taen and Koh Madsum. You will see  tropical fish, soft corals, sponges and marine plants in the clear, shallow waters of the south of Koh Samui.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1200 Baht P/P
Koh Taen (Coral Island) Snorkeling & Kayaking
Koh Taen (Coral Island) Snorkeling & Kayaking

A trip by long tail boat to Koh Taen (The Coral Island) for snorkeling and Sea kayaking along warm tropical coastlines around Madsum Island.
After lunch you can walk to watch the island around upon white sand beaches or just relax in a hammock under a palm tree
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1400 Baht P/P
Big Game Fishing
Big Game Fishing (By Mr. Ung's)
Sail on a genuine 43 foot authentic Thai fishing boat with a cool shade cover for sun protection. We have all big game equipment, Rods, lines, trawling gear, fresh bait and lures. The tourguide will help you bait the hooks. Fishing sites: Koh Tan and Koh Mudsum - depending on captain's decision. Types of fish: barracuda, cobia shark, mackeral, sailfish, snapper, grouper, gar, trevally.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1600 Baht P/P
Canopy Cable Ride Tour
Canopy Cable Ride Tour
An exciting alternative to the beach, No experience necessary, No climbing involved,
Glide from platform to platform above the rainforest, Completely safe!!!
And you can enjoy with the secret waterfall there.
There are 14 platforms waiting for you to play. The height is between 35 - 50 meters, total length is about 800 meters.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 2950 Baht P/P
Koh Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo

Koh Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
The trip that takes you to see the marine life in Koh Samui Aqurium in many big tanks, see the tiger zoo, see the show of lovely and funny sea lions, Birds show, Tigers Show, Otter Show. And also a posibility to take the picture with the tiger and ger one photo printing for you (Extra charge but you can book in the package.) The price is included round trip transfer from / to your hotel.

Daily Trip : Tour Price 1900 / 1500 Baht P/P
Sunset Snorkeling Trip Koh Taen by Long Tail Boat
Sunset Snorkeling Trip at Koh Taen (Coral Island) by Long Tail Boat
Daily trip by Long Tail Boat to do snorkeling in the afternoon at Koh Taen (Coral Island) and relax on the beach of Koh Madsum, then go to see Koh 4 Koh 5 for sightseeing and see the sunset then back to the local restaurant at TK Restaurant to have set menu dinner before transfer you back to your accommodation.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1600 Baht P/P
Big Boop Boop Tour
Big Boop Boop Tour
Great fun for everyone. Swim and relax at Namuang 1 and 2 waterfalls. Glide through the jungle on zip line cable rides. Recharge and unwind before returning to your accommodation with a meal and fruit tasting at Samui's largest fruit market.

The trip has 2 times a day Morning and Afternoon
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1600 Baht P/P
Eco Tour Koh Samui by Namuang Safari Park at Namuang Waterfall No.2
Namuang Safari Park Eco Tour (Full Day)

4 X 4 0ff road pick you up to see Plai Laem Temple , the Granfather & Grandmother Rock, Kayaking in the canal, visit mahout village, swim at Namuang Waterfall No.2, Have lunch, Elephant Trekking, Baby elephant bahting show, Big elephants show, Monkey show.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1950 Baht P/P
Paradise Park Farm Tour in Koh Samui Thailand
Samui Paradise Park Farm(With / No Lunch)
Visit Paradise Park Farm to spend a day in cool air of Koh Samui's highest mountain covered by tropical rainforest. Sit in a beautiful garden and enjoy the spectacular views, leisure walk in the trails beneath towering natural rock formations. Pat a pony, feed the deer, visit hundred of birds. Frolic in the infinity swimming pool, relax and enjoy fine food in the restaurant (Option with / no Lunch)
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1300 Baht / 1000 Baht P/P
Living Thailand Eco Samui
Living Thailand Eco Samui
Learn how Thai people earn lifes from times to times to the present day. Apart from elephant ride, monkey show and waterfall we see the local people career with coconut. Just a half day tour, but you will be surprised how people here can use variety benefits from coconut and coconut wood and also visit the OTOP factory of Koh Samui and touch the real life of Samui local people.
Daily Trip : Tour Price 1200 Baht P/P
Major Safari Tour Koh Samui Thailand

Major Safari Tour Koh Samui
A 4 x 4 Jeep Safari Tour Visit the places such as Big Buddha, Guan Yin and Happines Buddha at Plailaem Temple, Grandfather & Grandmother Rock, Namung Waterfall No.1, Visit the new attraction tourist place " Pra Bhuddha Teepangkorn Temple" the hight standing Buddha statue on the mountain top, the coconut platation, with / without elephant trekking. (No Animal program is also available.)

Daily Trip : Tour Price 1700 / 1300 Baht P/P
Don Master Tailor Koh Samui Thailand
Don Master Tailor in Koh Samui
An option for you to have a sute made in Koh Samui. Don Master Tailor is locates just in Chaweng center on the 2nd road nearby Petbancha Boxing Stadium. Book the free transfer from your hotel to Don Master Tailor shop in Chaweng in the form and you will get the confirmation about to pick you up to the shop.
Daily Trip : Just book a free transfer in the link inside.
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