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  Beaches of Koh Samui  
Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach

This is the most popular and developed of Samui's beaches. Despite the recent development ,Chaweng maintains the classic image of a tropical beach fringed by coconut palms.
With the new popular bars and quality restaurants along the back road, Chaweng is the nightlife centre of the island. Right on the beach itself, a selection of quiet bars and restaurants, together with a superb view of the Gulf. Chaweng has the greatest number of dive shops on Samui. A couple of them organize night dives right off the beach.

Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach

This second- most popular of Samui's beaches. Visitors are charmed by the open market and the old monastery, which includes a local museum. Take a walk or ride a mountain bike just back of the beach road and you'll discover peaceful coconut and fruit groves.

Beachside attractions include health and meditation centres, dive shops and a Thai boxing school. The Grandfather and Grandmother rocks at Lamai are worth a visit.

Choeng Mon Beach
Choeng Mon Beach
This peaceful, clean, northern beach is a delight for those who wish to escape from the wearisome hustle and bustle of daily life. As it is not the center of any village or community, it is thus a preferable spot for couples or families who are seeking peace and privacy. The ocean in front of this beach is not very deep and very enjoyable for bathing and swimming. There are numerous of accommodations available at various price ranges located all along the beach as well as restaurants and shops along the roadside.

Choeng Mon Beach is on the northern coast near Bang Rak Beach (Big Buddha Beach). It locates about 4 kilometers north of Chaweng Beach and 25 kilometers from the town of Nathon.
Bang Rak Beach
Bang Rak Beach or Big Buddha Beach

This beach is always called "Haad Phra Yai" or "Big Buddha Beach" because of its proximity to the Big Buddha statue which is an important religious site on Koh Samui. The tranquilityof the beach and the calmness of the sea here make Bang Rak Beach a great pleasure for couples and families who are looking for not only privacy but amusement as well. There are not too many accommodations or shops along the beach.

This beach locates about 4 kilometers from Chaweng Beach and 1 kilometer from Samui Airport, on the northern coast. You can catch a minibus from the town of Nathon to this beach.
Mae Nam Beach Mae Nam BeachTwo kilometers from Bophud beach. It is a peaceful, white sandy beach that is about 5 kilometers inl lenght for honeymooners or families who are looking for a romantic, private atmosphere. The community in this area is quite large and well developed.The pier to Koh Pangan also locates here. As a result, there are many accommodations, restaurants, diving services and water sport shops but without the noisy bars and nightclubs. Even though Mae Nam Beach is not noted for its originality of the community as Bophud Beach is, a lot of tourists choose Mae Nam Beach because of its beautiful scenery, peacefulness and its clean sandy beaches. Sunbathing and swimming on this beach is always a relaxing experience. Since it is such a tranquil beach, anyone looking for a little merriment in the night must drive elsewhere on the eastern coast to find it. This beach locates on the north coast of the island around 12 kilometers from the town of Nathon.
Bo Phut Beach
Bophud Beach
This sandy beach bending around the northern bay of the island never disappoints to the tourists who are seeking the beautiful and private spot. Apart from the beautiful natural scenery, tourists are also impressed in seeing the original lifestyle still carried on by the local fishermen. The calm sea makes this a good lace to go to swim. It is much more preferable to go to a fair distance away from this area to find a nice place to sunbath and swim. On the two sides of a small road along Bophud Beach are the remaining trace of the Chinese community. All of the shops, travel agencies and restaurants along this road are structured modified from the original Chinese architecture.
The night on Bophud Beach are fascinatingly romantic with a joyful and festive atmosphere.
Bang Por Beach

Bangpo Beach

The calm sea and the colorful coral reefs almost all along this beach make it a highly preferable place for snorkeling. There are many bungalows along the beach to stay at. Bangpo Beach is in the north coast not far from Mae Nam Beach and about 5 kilometers north of the town of Nathon.

Taling Ngam Bay

Taling Ngam Bay

Among the western beaches, Taling Ngam Bay is the most beautiful with private. For this reason, some of five star hotels choose to be situated here. As Taling Ngam village has just a few bungalows and it is not much developed, it is quite peaceful. Furthermore it is one of the most beautiful scenic points to catch the sunset. Taling Ngam Bay is 10 kilomerters from Nathon to the south.

Nathon Bay Nathon Bay Nathon is in the western coast where the island's main pier is, which has the ferry service to the mainland and the nearby islands. With a large pier for docking of boats transporting locals and tourists alikes, Nathon is like a parlor of Samui Island. It is simultaneously the location of the beginning and the end of trips not only throughout the island, but also to the nearby islands. Some of those are Pha Ngan Island , Angthong National Marine Park, Tao and nang Yuan Island. The pier is always very crowed and lively, especially in the high tourist season, as are the otherpiers for transporting merchandise and seafood. Thus Nathon is the center of everything on the island including governmenrtal offices, banks, shops, and markets. Nathon's beaches are not really suitable for swimming because of the piers, the large community, and a lot of rocks scattered in the sea. However the beauty of the sea and the sky at dusk, when the sun is setting,is such an impressive sight that should not be missed by anyone coming here.
 Pang Ka Bay
Pang Ka bay
Even though Pang Ka is not a pleasurable place for swimming because of the muddy beach and shallow water, the fascinating atmosphere when the sun is setting makes a trip to Samui Island an unforgetable memory. Pang Ka is one of the most beautiful scenic points for viewing the sunset especially when the sky is clear in the summer time. The sight of the sun set is made even more impressive with the fishing boats of the local villagers anchored along the bay. There are a few peaceful bungalows to rent in this area. Pang Ka Bay locates in the south of Taling Ngam Bay, 13 kilometers south of the town of Nathon.
Thong Krud Bay

Thong Krud Bay

Thong Krut is the head to the southern part of the island. From Thong Krut bay, one can see Taen Island. The local villagers still live off the fertility of the fishing area here. You can take a boat to Taen Island and Madsoom Island from this bay. There are several restaurants and travel agencies located here. Like Pang Ka Bay, the beach is muddy and the water is shallow making it not a favorable spot to go for swimming.

Laem Set Bay

Laem Set Bay and Na Tien Beach

Locates about 3 kilometers to the south of Hua Thanon. The beautifully colored reefs and the tranquil atmosphere are what attracts most people to this area . There are also some very delightful resorts here.

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